Our playthings and learning materials

A curated play space to learn and grow

A great deal of care and attention has gone into the design and development of our space to make it nourishing and inviting.  Our toys are made of natural material


Pikler Triangle

Designed by world renowned pediatrician Dr. Emmi Pikler, our Pikler triangle develops gross motor skills, encourages climbing and movement and helps build physical strength.  It's so much fun,  It even has a ladder, a slide and a rock climbing wall.


Rocker Boards

A truly open ended toy, it can be a bridge, tunnel, fort, or anything the child can imagine.  When used as a rocker board it stimulates the vestibular system which helps the child learn where their body is in relation to the world around them.  It helps the child develop coordination and balance.


Handmade Waldorf Dolls

Each and every doll has been handmade with a lot of heart by Ms. Meagan.   Made in the Waldorf tradition of using natural materials and having simple faces.   They are lovingly made of cotton and/or cashmere then stuffed with 100% wool and lavendar scented millet.  The millet makes them a pleasing weight for the children to hold while the light lavendar scent is calming.



Made of beautiful wood the kitchen is a favorite place to play. 

Play stands

An open-ended staple in the Waldorf early childhood classroom


Block area

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Hand Dyed Play Silks

Doll House


Cars and Trucks