Our Program

Daily activities

Observing Flowers


The children help take care of our organic garden where we grow fresh fruits and vegetables for our snacks, organic herbs for our teas, and beautiful flowers for the butterflies, birds and the bees.


The children engage in a variety of artistic endeavors in which the process is valued over the finished product.  A favorite is 'wet on wet watercolors' which provides a wonderful opportunity for the children to explore color, practice fine motor skills and express themselves artistically.  



The children delight in our bread making days.  We gather around the table and knead the dough as we sing.  Our freshly baked
bread is then enjoyed as part of our snack for the day, served along with fresh organic fruit.

Sustainable practices

Instead of throwing out what is left after our snack (apple peels and cores, banana peels, chamomile tea, etc.), we feed our food waste to our worm friends. They help save our waste from the landfill and instead turn it into super-nutrient rich compost we
use in our garden.

Trowel and Soil
Jumping in Puddles

Outside Play

The average American child spends just 4 minutes a day outside engaged in unstructured play.  At Little Garden, we get outdoors every day (even if it's raining so pack your rain boots and raincoat!  We love puddles!)*   

*Safety is our highest priority and we stay indoors on days the weather poses a threat.


Reggio Emilia inspired provocations

What is a provocation?
A provocation is an experience set up in response to the children's interest; used to provoke thinking, creativity and hands on exploration.

Group Of Children Playing Outdoors Together_edited.jpg

Waldorf Inspired Circle Time

During circle time we sing seasonal songs, perform finger plays and joyful movements games, tell stories and have puppet shows.


Free Play

A curated playspace to learn and grow

A great deal of care and attention has been put into the design and development of our space to make it nourishing and inviting.  Our beautiful toys are made of natural materials and many are open ended to allow the children's imaginations to soar.

Play arches and silks
Free play
Pikler Triangle
Rocker board
Wooden Trucks
Sensory Play
Garden Fresh Strawberry
Reggio Provocations
Reggio Provocations- Handmade play dough
Natural Toys
Rolling dough
Stacking Puzzles
Natural wood blocks

Little Garden by the Sea

Sensory Play